Finally! Is iRemote On The Way?

I've been talking about Apple creating an "iRemote" platform for quite a while.

Back in March of 2013, when Apple was still in the doldrums, AAAD discussed the potential for Apple to create a home automation standard

This "iRemote" platform would control all compatible third-party devices (lighting, music, TV) from a single screen, and in turn, would drive third-party device makers away from proprietary apps and formats, and toward a single, synthesized standard.

Today, Gizmodo (citing Financial Times), reported that Apple might be doing EXACTLY that.


But I STILL don't think iRemote will be optimized for iPhone. I think it will be the iPad Mini - or even a new device with a small number of physical buttons.

The iPad Mini ticks all of the boxes - enough screen real estate to plausibly control lighting and AV equipment simultaneously, and yet small enough to use as a remote control for long-ish stretches.

Even today, as people note in the Gizmodo comments, the iPhone can be used as the central hub for a home automation system.

But it's inelegant. You have to switch between your Hue app, and your Nest app, and your ADT Pulse app, and your various music apps.

Imagine a single app, customized with your own particular blend of third party MODULES - maybe you have a Nest thermostat and a Sonos music system. Maybe you prefer AirPlay. Maybe you have a Lutron Maestro lighting/shade system.

Apple is one of 2 companies in the world that can act as a flag bearer and drive the entire market toward a single standard. They showed that this was the case with their "Works With iPod" sticker.

"Works With iRemote" will sell home automation devices. And I, for one, can't wait.


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