Withings Smart Body Analyzer Review - This changes everything?

That headline is a bit misleading - the Withings Smart Body Analyzer isn't going to change the world.

It's a wi-fi connected scale.

But I'm hoping that the Withings Smart Body Analyzer changes everything about me.

It's off to a good start.

The Withings Smart Body Analyzer ($149) is a beautiful piece of equipment. 

It kind of looks like a big iPad, all black glass and aluminum. 

It's solidly buil. I'm a big-ish guy (but getting smaller!), and it's definitely a piece of electronics that feels strong enough to stand on. Which is good, considering that it's a scale. 

But it's actually a bit more than just a scale. 

When you stand on the Withings, it tells you your weight, measures your body fat, and measures your heart rate. 

Then, (for some reason), it measures the carbon dioxide in the air, and tells you the air quality in your bathroom.

And here's the key - it sends all of this information to your iPhone, where it's all tracked over time in the (free, easy to use) Withings app.  

I've talked about getting a Withings scale for a long time - even on this blog - but I didn't pull the trigger until I had to weigh in for an insurance physical. Yikes. 

Fortunately, just the act of measuring my weight on a regular basis was enough to kickstart some changes in habits. 

In the first month that I've been using the Withings, I've lost 14 pounds! 

And thanks to the app, I have the motivation to continue - I want to see that weight trendline continue downward. I want to see my resting heartrate at lower than 90 BPM. 

Now, the Withings app doesn't try to stand alone. It shares data with, and receives data from, a number of other apps. 

The two most notable - MyFitnessPal, which tracks and assigns calories to everything you eat, and RunKeeper, which tracks your jogging. 

Granted, it's been ALL MyFitnessPal to this point. (It's a great app.) I haven't done ANY jogging yet. But I'm not going to let that weight loss stall out - it's time to get active. 

But for now, for this lazy lawyer/blogger, just knowing that I'm going to have to log all of my food and face the Withings in the morning has been enough to make a difference. 

FOUR STARS - how can I give anything less to a purchase that led to losing 14 pounds in the first month?


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