Weber Genesis - Full Rehab - Project Updates!

We have a long-standing tradition here at AAAD of talking about projects for a LONG time before we actually get started.

I first started talking about a "gut rehab" for my 2007 Weber Genesis E-310 back in March of 2013. 16 months later, we finally did it. Here's how. 

It all starts with the burner tubes - really, the most important part of a gas grill. 

If the burner tubes are shot, you aren't going to be cooking very much, or very well. 

I got this grill in 2012 on Craigslist - but it's a 2007 model. Even so, is very good about stocking parts for old grills - they had everything I needed, including a shiny new set of burner tubes - and they delivered in just a couple of days. 

The "Before" Photos

For a 7-year-old grill, the Genesis is still looking decent on the outside. Sure, that green enamel has gotten a bit dingy (more on that later), but it's not terrible.

Dirty, yes. But not terrible.
The inside, however, is a different story. Filthy, rusty. Disgusting.

We actually eat food that has touched this.
As I said in my previous story - we'll need to replace *everything*. The burner tubes, the ignitor, the "Flavorizer Bars" - i.e., the tents that cover the burner tubes and keep drippings from clogging them up - and the grates. 

I'm going with stainless throughout. The flavorizer bars and grate will have to wait, though - today it's the ignitor and burner tubes.  

(Besides, the stainless-steel rod grill grates that I'm looking at run $100 apiece.)

Burner Tube Replacement

Of course, Weber does NOT make this a quick and easy install. You have to dismantle and reassemble the entire right-hand side of your grill. But it's worth it. 

Corroded to the point of losing function. 
Point of order - the inside of a grill is going to look pretty dirty. There's not much that we can do about that. We'll clean it up as much as possible, but this is about functionality, not necessarily form and fashion. 

And we were losing functionality.The burner tubes were clogged in certain places, and literally cracked open in others. It made grilling an inconsistent adventure - we had no real control over the temperature.

Flames *poured* out of that crack in the crossbar.

The corrosion was even worse on the ignitor box, which had essentially *dissolved* into rust at this point. It's a testament to Weber that the thing still (occasionally) worked!

This electric starter was still functional. Sometimes.
Swapping out the burner tubes wasn't *difficult*, per se - but it involved a lot more disassembly than any other grill I've worked on in the past. 

But when you're done, the improvement is fairly obvious. 

Now we're getting somewhere!

Ignitor Replacement

This was dead simple. While $20 gets you a full ignitor assembly, from the start button through the ignitor box, the only issues I had were with the ignitor box itself.

So, I removed the old corroded ignitor, and replaced it with the brand new one - it was as easy as threading the wires through the holes. Done. 

So shiny.
I gave the grill interior a quick brushing with a paste made from water and Bar Keepers' Friend, which helped a bit.

I used the same paste (and some car wax) on the exterior of the grill, which helped a TON. Suddenly, this grill looks like it belongs on a showroom floor.

And then - a discovery! When I applied the same Bar Keepers' Friend paste to the grill grates, and then started scrubbing them, they got shiny.

Real shiny.

My grill grates aren't black-enamel covered steel - they were soot-covered stainless steel rods.

I already HAVE the $200 stainless steel grill grates - they were just covered in 7 years worth of grease and soot.

This project just got a lot cheaper.

The only remaining task is replacing those horrible, rusted-out Flavorizer bars.


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