iPhone 6 Keynote Tomorrow! (Any HomeKit News?)

Tomorrow morning, Tim Cook will introduce the iPhone 6. Maybe even 2 of them. Maybe even an iWatch or something like that.

Is there any chance that we're going to hear more about HomeKit?
In the months since HomeKit was originally announced, there has been essentially no news. I'm the absolute center of Apple's target market, and I can't even explain what HomeKit is supposed to be. 

It seems, to the outside observer, that Apple finally (finally!) announced a home automation initiative, and then basically said "Fine. Happy now?" 

There was always one major problem with HomeKit, and that is its apparent inability to play nice with Nest. 

If Apple is pushing HomeKit, and Google is pushing "Works With Nest"... and both companies have the same list of third-party peripherals EXCEPT:

Google has the Nest Thermostat, and
Apple has the Honeywell Thermostat

....well, Google is going to win that battle immediately. 

Nest has been the primary (sole?) success story in the connected-home space. 

And in the interim, Nest has introduced smoke alarms that interact with the thermostat - and then managed to cut their price by a third.

If Apple's attempt to enter that space will not (or cannot) interface with Nest, then Apple HomeKit will fail. Full stop. 

Apple is still uniquely positioned to profit from the connected-home market - and HomeKit could be a major success - to the point that Apple could profit handsomely from HomeKit-enabled tablets and remotes.

Remarkably, in 2014, Apple is still the only company capable of merging software and hardware into a self-contained ecosystem that customers want to be a part of.

There are very few examples of non-Apple products that display the same attention to design detail. The Nest is one of them.

Google and Apple recently buried the hatchet on their patent disputes. They should do the same with home automation, and get the Nest to play nicely with HomeKit. 

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