So what's new?

I know it's been a while since we posted - in large part, that's because our projects have been decidedly low-tech.

They've been pretty great, though!

We built a craftsman-style shed that rivals our neighbors' garages!

That said - I can't really provide any insight about shed construction.

My father-in-law designed and built the entire thing. It's awesome.

I was simply there get the permits in order, and then to lift heavy things and drive nails.

The primary AAAD hold-ups of late has been my lack of an iPhone 6 (can't upgrade until 12/12/14), and Apple's very slow rollout of all things HomeKit.

No iPhone 6 means no ApplePay.

No HomeKit means that I'm in a bit of a holding pattern w/r/t home automation.

(I'm not going to buy a bunch of connected light bulbs until I find out which ones Apple will support!)

Note to Apple - I'm *dying* to be a HomeKit advocate.

But you need to get Nest on board if HomeKit is going to happen.

There is a huge overlap between iOS users and Nest adopters - they aren't going to walk away from hundreds of dollars of Nest products just because Apple and Google don't get along.


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