MyQ Review - it's fantastic.

As I wrote in my last post, we recently added MyQ functionality to our Raynor garage door.

A week later, the verdict is in - it's great. But not for the reasons you might expect.

MyQ functionality allows you to monitor, open and close your garage door from your smartphone.

But let's make one thing absolutely clear - you are NEVER going to open your garage door with your phone.

I can't even imagine the circumstance which would result in me pulling out the phone, opening the MyQ app, logging in with userID and password, and opening the door.

I'm usually standing RIGHT THERE. Just hit the button, in the car, on the wall, or the keypad outside, right?

So why MyQ at all? The monitoring.

TWICE in the last week, my iPhone has buzzed with a notification that the garage door was open. Maybe Ms. AAAD was carrying in the baby, and didn't hit the button. Maybe I was bringing yard equipment to the shed, and never went back to the garage.

Every time - the phone lets you know.

You swipe the notification, and you're in the app.

Click the garage door, and the problem is solved.

You can't pay for that kind of peace of mind. Well, yes you can. It's about $25 for the replacement garage door switch, and $35 for the internet gateway, on eBay.

Install was very simple - the panel has 2 wires. The gateway needs an Ethernet connection, but CAN be connected to a wireless bridge such as an Airport Express. (I picked up a spare A1264 specifically for this task).

There is some token Nest functionality in the MyQ app - you can set your thermostat to "away" or "home". I don't really think this is worthwhile - I'd rather use the full-featured Nest app.

But for what it does, MyQ is absolutely flawless. It gives you a little bit of peace of mind that you probably didn't even know you were missing.



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