Giving Up On HomeKit. Hello Wink.

This blog is about "building an iOS home". That's literally our mission statement.

So, Apple's HomeKit would appear to be a necessary building block. Right?


Sorry, Apple. I can't wait any longer.

It has been more than 6 months since Apple announced their HomeKit platform.

Coincidentally, 6 months ago was also the last time Apple made any mention of HomeKit.

Granted, I'm sure that there is plenty going on behind the scenes. APIs are being worked out, partners are being strong-armed lined up.

But there has been literally no movement visible to us consumers. No products. No app.

No movement in 6 months? That's a lifetime in the tech space.

Mashable says that HomeKit won't be out until 2015 - it simply isn't ready.

It's a very un-Apple move to make a product announcement... with nothing to sell for a year.

Unfortunately for Apple, Wink has moved into the vacuum created by HomeKit's absence.

And Wink has taken a few pages from the Apple notebook.

I'm a massive Apple fan - I should be the last holdout here - but I'm starting to accept that my "iOS home" may be running on a non-Apple iOS app.

So Why Wink?

Wink has one major, major advantage over HomeKit (I mean, in addition to the fact that it actually exists) - it works with Nest.

In fact, it also works with Philips Hue.

And LiftMaster/Chamberlain MyQ.

And Lutron AND Leviton lighting.

These partners make up the vast majority of what the AAAD household is currently doing for home automation.

A central hub to run each of these components would be *greatly* appreciated.

Wink Relay

The really cool thing - this central hub doesn't HAVE to be a smartphone app.

Wink's Relay is actually available in stores - it's not a promise for 2015.

And it looks like it's everything I'd hoped for from HomeKit.

An in-wall touchscreen that can control my Nest, open my garage door, put my lighting on timers, and monitor my basement for water issues?


I will buy that.

If HomeKit comes along a year from now, I'll consider a switch. But for now, it's time to get moving. And as of December 2014, Wink is offering the best functionality for home automation. We're in.


  1. FYI Quirky, the parent company of Wink, has run out of money. Wink is dead unless the get bought out by GE or something. Let's not forget the botched security update that required you to send your Wink hub back to them.

    1. Agreed COMPLETELY. Wink looked like a fun DIY system, but they've reached a critical mass of issues and don't look like a good investment for a connected home at this point.

      Ideally, I'll be able to use my Nest Thermostat with HomeKit.... but if not, I may have Nest and HomeKit devices side by side.