How to Make Your Nest Thermostat Better

We've been living with our Nest Thermostat for almost a year now.

It's great.

Even though it intentionally makes our house freezing every night, no matter how many times we tell it to STOP.

But we can make it better... .

Our Nest has no idea if we're at home or away.

The Nest is in our dining room (the one with the faux wainscoting), and no matter how hard it tries, it can't use auto-away.

Its motion detectors are useless, because it can only see us when we're in its field of vision - and that only happens when we're in our formal dining room.

Which is, you know, never.

But we can make our Nest Thermostat smarter. By adding Nest Protect smoke alarms.

Now, even with its price reduced to $99, the Nest Protect is a bit expensive for a smoke detector.

But the Protect's added functionality helps to justify that cost.

The Nest Protect will act as a motion-sensitive night light - which is *exactly* what we need from our current smoke detector, at the top of our basement stairs.

Even more importantly - adding the Nest Protect will act as an extra set of eyes for the Nest Thermostat.

With a house full of Protects, the Nest Thermostat will have a motion sensor in every room - and will have a far better idea if anyone is home. When it's convinced that everyone is gone, it can adjust the temperature accordingly.

And that saves money.

I'll be installing our first Protect this weekend. The second one (upstairs, outside of our bedrooms) will go in shortly thereafter.

By the end of 2015, we'll have 4 more Nest Protects - one in every bedroom.

Now, if only Apple would get HomeKit on board with Nest, we'd have something special. But I'm through waiting for HomeKit.


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