Apple Watch 2 - What Should We Expect?

The Apple Watch won't be released for a month and a half. 

And for the first time, I'm unsure about whether I need - or even want - Apple's newest gadget.  

But the Apple Watch 2? That's going to be awesome. 
This post is written somewhat in jest - it's silly to talk about the successor to a hyped-up product before the original is even released. 

But there are certain issues with the Apple Watch that could be remedied pretty easily. And I wager that those issues WILL be remedied... after a year or so. 

Apple Watch 2 will probably use a new version of iOS Watch, solving interface issues we don't even know about yet.
It will likely have a different form factor (I'm betting on "rounder"). 

But first and foremost, I'm betting that it offers some functionality when the watch is "off". 

I absolutely hate the idea that the Apple Watch is something that I have to "turn on" to use. 

Yes, this is a wrist computer. 

But they're calling it a "watch", and 90% of the time, it lacks the most basic functionality of a watch - you can't look at it and tell the time. 

Here's hoping that the Apple Watch 2 has an "always on" watch functionality.  

I envision narrow mechanical hands, under the glass, attached to ring at the outside, pointing in. 

Powered by a separate low-power battery which can run for a very, very long time - like a standard $20 watch. 

If it had actual, physical watch hands, the Apple Watch would continue to be useful after its "computer" battery runs out. 

It would just become.... a watch. 

It's like Mitch Hedberg's joke that an escalator can never truly be out of order... it simply becomes stairs. "Escalator Temporarily Stairs. We apologize for the convenience."

The Apple Watch offers no such convenience - it will turn into a pumpkin at the end of every day. It won't even be able to tell time. 

Yes, the Apple Watch can do a lot of cool things. It can open your hotel room doors using proximity sensors! It can do Apple Pay!

But so can my iPhone 6. 

In fact, if Apple decides to limit that cool hotel lock functionality to the Watch, that would be a bummer. There's no reason that the phone can't do that, too.
When we talk about the Apple Watch, we're talking about a little iPhone that you wear on your wrist. 

I really, really wish we were talking about an actual watch - with iOS enhancements - instead.  


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