Quirky - Let's Make an Internet of Things Product!

I have been pretty enamored with Quirky's WINK platform.

While I was poking around their site, I saw a wifi-enabled egg holder - the Egg Minder. This hit right in the center of the Venn Diagram for me - a ridiculous gadget that provides incredibly specific data, solving a very small problem.

But... what if it wasn't tracking eggs? What if it was tracking beer?

And like that, the BEVY was born. Now I need you to vote for it.

Quirky.com is a website that takes invention submissions, refines them, and ultimately produces the ones that look viable.

Now, this invention is REMARKABLY frivolous.

You put bottles/cans of beer or pop in your refrigerator, into the little spaces on the mat.

If you want to, you go into your app and tell BEVY what brand of beverage you just added.

The mat tracks whether a beverage is sitting in a particular location, and sends that info to a smartphone app.

That's really all there is to it, for most of us.

You're at the grocery store, wondering if you need to buy beverages. You check your phone, and act appropriately.

You're curious as to how long a six-pack has been cooling. You check your phone, and it tells you.

However, this could be very useful for commercial applications - a bar, for instance, would want to know how long a particular beverage has been sitting in the refrigerator, unsold.

There's also the potential to link up with a social media feature like Untappd.

Finally, this would be helpful as a "beverage rack" for people who like to keep their fridge somewhat orderly.

SO - if you read this, click on the BEVY link and give it a positive vote! We can track the continued refinement of the product as it moves through the Quirky process.

Or, it will totally die on the vine. Really, either way is fine...


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