Moving to Ooma.

As expected, even though we acquired the precise modem that we're currently renting, we were unable to use our own modem for WOW!'s voice services. 

So, we're going to stop using WOW's voice services.

Instead, we're going with a much higher tier of internet service, and moving our landline to Ooma. 

And saving money in the process. 
Ooma is a Vonage-like VOIP service. 

The differentiator  is that there's no monthly fee. 

You pay about $100 upfront for the system, and moving forward, you pay the various taxes and fees that you would have to pay with any telephone system.

Obviously, the trick is - will this system be good enough? We don't use the landline for much these days, so the bar is VERY low. 

On the other hand, we're going to be moving from 15 Mbps to 50 Mbps, and still spending less money per month. 

Our bill for phone + internet should be dropping from around $95 to about $55, at least for the first year. 

At those rates, our break-even on the Ooma system is 60 days. That's a good investment. 

And, we'll have a substantially better in-home internet experience. 

And, I can go back to using my own cable modem! 
(No more $7/month rentals for $15 devices.) 

The Ooma will arrive later this week. I'll be sure to keep AAAD updated. 


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