Xfinity - Cheaper Internet than WOW! (But they can't provide service.)

We just got a visit from a really nice door-to-door Comcast sales guy.

And he got me to try a 50 Mbps internet service at $39.99/mo.

The catch? Comcast is literally incapable of installing internet service. AGAIN.

Why bother selling something you are incapable of providing? Why do I keep giving them more chances, year after year?

The sales guy checked my address, and said that the line was "hot", meaning that I could self-install.

He checked my modem (an Arris WBM760A), and noted that it was 3-star certified for use with Xfinity "Blast!" Internet.

We were set!

He even called me yesterday to tell me that the account was set up, and if I'd just call xfinity, they'd help me get set up.

And that is where the whole thing (predictably) went to pieces.

You may remember that Comcast literally gave up on installing Internet at my house last year. White flag, total surrender. Back to WOW!.

Nothing has changed.

The first guy I spoke to took my phone number, the modem serial number and CMAC address, and.... Nothing.

He tried again, and then told me that my modem was not on their list of approved devices.

I went to their website on my iPhone - Arris WBM760A is on their list, and has their highest ranking.

He said he'd transfer me to modem installation.

The second person told me that she was with the tech team, and who was I? Again, name, SSN, modem serial and CMAC, and.... Nothing.

She said she'd need 3-5 minutes to cycle the modem, and could I hold? Then she transferred me back to the xfinity main menu.

The third guy was also with the tech team. He had me power cycle the modem. He ran diagnostics. Nothing.

I'm currently on hour 2 of this call....

....5 seconds later, he hung up. Literally.

Comcast is quite simply the worst at everything they do.

It takes a special kind of failure to be literally incapable of providing the services you are trying like crazy to sell.

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