Project Updates - Summer 2015

Even though there haven't been many AAAD updates, there have been all kinds of fun things happening in the AAAD household lately. 

First off - we got the back yard fenced in, which looks great. 

Secondly, we're attempting to move forward on the basement AND the patio/porch projects. 

This is, obviously, a massive amount of work. 

And after meeting with several contractors and business for proposals, we now know that it's surprisingly expensive. 

SO - we're back to DIY, and looking at half-measures in the short term.

We're going to lay down a DriCore sectional subfloor, put some carpet squares on top - and then insulate the concrete walls. 

It will be good enough for a playroom, and provides a "base" to build upon when we ultimately finish the basement for real.  

But now - some fun stuff. 


We're throwing a big 80's themed summer party later this month. And what's a Yacht Rock party without smooth rock?

Our playlist will be courtesy of Spotify and Sonos. 

However, we have a turntable, and have found quite a few early eighties staples on vinyl. ("Michael McDonald", and Gerry Rafferty's "City To City".) 

And even better - we'll have a full karaoke setup. 

I looked into renting, and looked into some inexpensive CD+G units, but ultimately decided that it would be fun to have a karaoke device as a permanent fixture in our renovated basement.... so we decided on the Acesonic KOS-3000. 

This is a hard-drive based system - you can fill it with up to 4 TB of karaoke tracks. It outputs 1080p video, and you can even change the "stock video" behind the lyrics to whatever you want. 

But the real hook - it's controlled via an iOS device. 

Meaning, while your singers are delivering their awful rendition of "Ride Like The Wind", the partiers can be scanning the songlist and queuing up the next performances on an iPad. 

We'll need a PA, and while I have a Shure SM-58 vocal mic, we probably an additional microphone. (We'll have a week or 2 to get that figured out.)


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