Siri and Sonos - Apple Music's Killer Feature

I've written about Sonos quite a bit around here. Paired with Spotify, it's close to perfect. 

In fact, Sonos is SO good that Apple Music is a non-starter for me - no Sonos compatibility yet. 

But it's coming, and when it does.... look out Spotify. 

Because if Spotify and Sonos are great, Siri and Sonos will be amazing. 

Sonos makes all of your music sources available in one app. 

iTunes, SiriusXM, Spotify, Pandora - really, you name it, and Sonos makes it available with universal search. It's great. 

One name missing from the Sonos party - Amazon Prime Music. Seriously, what gives? Amazon's regular music is available in Sonos, but their "Spotify Lite" is not.  

Seriously, though - there is a bigger name that's missing from Sonos - Apple Music

This is, quite frankly, a huge problem for Apple. Sonos is the #1 name in wireless home speaker systems, and if Spotify is available on Sonos, while Apple Music is not.... there is no true reason to consider Apple Music. 

However, both Apple and Sonos claim that absence will be worked out by the end of 2015. 

If that holds true, I'll be dropping my Spotify subscription in a few months, and signing on with Apple. 

Why? Siri. 

As it is to search for a song or album on Spotify, and IMMEDIATELY have that song playing in stereo throughout my house, it will be that much better to have native Siri compatibility. 

My friend recently picked up an Amazon Echo. The idea of saying "Alexa, play Rolling Stones' 'Beggars' Banquet", and immediately hearing the intro to "Sympathy for the Devil"... well, that feels like the future.  

Siri is, obviously, a key differentiator for Apple Music. If Apple Music is compatible with Sonos, then it stands to reason that we'll finally have native Siri compatibility in Sonos. 

This would help Apple, obviously, but it will also help Sonos. 

It's a way to fend off new competition from Amazon, matching a very resource-intensive killer feature like voice recognition, without having to upgrade their hardware in any way!

So, Apple and Sonos - when you're working out Sonos/Apple Music compatibility, MAKE SURE THAT SIRI WORKS NATIVELY WITHIN THE SONOS APP. This really can't be stressed enough.

And just like that, your Sonos system is, for all intents and purposes, HomeKit compatible. 


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