So... many.... projects....

It's been slow-ish around AAAD lately - I apologize for that.

As summer winds to a close, we've been moving full speed ahead on projects both inside and outside of our home.

Not a whole lot of changes on the Apple front, however - but we're excited to get the new AppleTV on its release date during the week of October 26.

In the meantime, we finally finished our shed project.

Still don't have an Apple Watch, though.
You may recall that the shed was built into a major slope, and sits on a foundation of 2 4x4 skids.

This required some excavation in the back-left corner, and meant that we had a pretty sizable gap around the bottom of the shed - more than 8 inches in some places.

Seemed like a good way to get a family of skunks or possums living in our back yard, really.

Ultimately, we added a brick "foundation around most of the bottom border of the shed - it's not load-bearing, and it's just made of paver stones - but it looks nice.

The front step was trickier. It's also made of paver stones. We had to dig out the footprint for the step, fill it with a layer of paver sand for leveling purposes, and then start the construction. 

All told, it turned out pretty nice. (I'll add the "after" photos tonight.)

We're also doing work renovating the hardscaping for the front entrance to our house, and the steps from our back door to our paver patio. This isn't a DIY project - professionals are involved. They break ground in the next couple of weeks - We'll post the before-and-afters here soon. 

Phase 2 of this project will begin in the spring - that will involve adding a fire pit and expanding the back patio. 

Finally, we're going to move forward with renovating our basement -- at least the rough-in work (electrical / drywall / plumbing / framing). We're adding a bedroom and a bathroom, and creating a ton of usable space. 

It will ALSO provide us with plenty of DIY action - once the space is semi-finished, we'll be able to move forward with adding our own (more superficial) finishing touches. 


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