WOW! Internet Just Got A Lot Faster

If you're a WOW! Internet subscriber, like me, you probably got some welcome news recently.

They were increasing our internet speed!

I was skeptical. But they really came through.

Now, you probably know by now that I haven't been a huge fan of WOW.

Their Ultra TV product was OK, but it didn't "Wow" me the way DirecTV's Genie did.

(Our REVIEW of UltraTV vs. Genie is here.)

So, we dropped their TV service, and went with Phone + Internet.

That worked fine, but it was expensive. We were renting a modem, and paying as much as $95 for phone and slow internet (15 Mbps).

So we moved to Ooma for phone, and went with WOW for internet only - at a faster speed.

But it was still relatively slow (30 Mbps), and relatively expensive at $50.

Comcast was offering substantially better speed (50 Mbps) at closer to $30/month. But - even with multiple tries - Comcast has proven that they are completely incapable of installing internet at my house.

So, we were stuck with WOW.

And I wasn't nuts about that. Until now!

In the last month, WOW has dramatically increased their service offerings and internet speeds, while holding the price steady, or even decreasing it.

OK, you may say - how much more speed, for how much more money? And are you REALLY going to increase the speed, or just say you're going to and then keep delivering mediocrity?

30 Mbps now costs only $25/month.

Our $50 tier increased from 30 to 60 Mbps. 

They added a $60 tier, which is 110 Mbps. 

And a $75 tier, which is 300 Mbps. 

At those prices, WOW is a legit competitor to Google Fiber. (Which, of course, isn't available in Chicagoland, anyway.)

Running the SpeedTest app has demonstrated that WOW isn't messing around - on 10/17, I clocked in at 88.60 mbps downstream, and on 10/25, it was 81.17.

This, after seeing a previous best-ever WOW speed of 22.78!

We've stuck with the $50 / 60 Mbps tier for now, but I'm really, really interested in moving to that 110 Mbps speed.  Maybe next year.

One thing is for certain - this move flat-out stopped us from ditching WOW.

We were on our way out - and thanks to this unexpected, dramatic increase in the value of their plans, we're sticking with them long-term. Thanks, WOW.


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