Apple's Remote App Now Works With AppleTV!

Today saw the release of tvOS 9.1 and watchOS 2.1 - that's usually boring news, but today is a bit different, as it means a big leap forward for convergence across iOS devices. 

You can talk into the AppleTV remote, and ask it to play the Ryan Adams version of Taylor Swift's 1989, and it will. 

Huge step forward! 

But even better, we're now free from using the AppleTV remote to control the AppleTV. As great as that remote is, an iPhone is better. 

And the iOS Remote App did not work with the 4th Gen Apple TV. 

That was a problem - primarily for text entry, but also because it would be great to use an iPhone as "controller 2" in certain games. 

As of today, the AppleTV can use the iPhone Remote app again. 

I'm not sure whether the Remote app is limited to D-pad control, or whether Siri on my iPhone can now be used to control tvOS devices, but I'll give it a try this evening. 

Ideally, I can tell my iPhone "Hey Siri, play Ryan Adams' 1989" on the AppleTV" and the 2 devices will work in tandem. 

AND ONE MORE THING... the new AppleTV can now use the Apple Watch Remote app. 

So in theory, can I tell my watch "Siri - Play Ryan Adams on the AppleTV", and it will work? Because that would be great. 

The next step is getting Sonos involved, with Siri control, for Apple Music. At that point, I don't see how Spotify can continue to compete. 

We're 1 week away from the Apple Music / Sonos convergence. 

I doubt that there will be Siri control immediately... but I'll assume that both Apple AND Sonos want to make that possible. 

So... stay tuned. 

First thing first - I need to see if I can control Apple Music on the Apple TV with the Apple Watch. 


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