Project Update - Basement Drywall is Installed

We had our first opportunity to walk through our new (mostly) finished basement last night.

Our initial impressions?

Adding walls - and especially adding drywall - fundamentally changes your perception of a space.

In some ways, the basement feels smaller.

The walls are closer, the ceiling is a bit lower.

In other ways, the space feels bigger. Instead of a single large space, there are discrete areas to walk through.

A bathroom. A bedroom. A utility room. A storage room.

It's definitely a lot brighter. We went from 3-4 lightbulbs, to probably 10 times that number.

With the contractor-led Phase One coming to a close, our focus turns to the DIY finish work.

First up - building shelving in the storage room, so that we can move some of our basement stuff back downstairs, and re-claim half of our garage.

We'll try to get that completed this weekend.

In the next week, we'll be taking on the bathroom. It's a full bath, but now that the shower is in place, there's very little more floor left to be tiled.


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