Project Update - Basement is Almost Complete!

Well, the rough-in of the basement, in any case.

We plan on doing much of the finish work ourselves.

But at this point, we've passed our electrical and plumbing inspections, and the insulation and drywall is being installed.

It should look like a usable, mostly finished space in no time.

Which means the contractors will be stepping aside, and it will be time for US to get to work.

We're going to be doing a sizable amount of the finish work ourselves.

That's partially because we generally like DIY projects, and partially (OK, mostly) because we like to save cash whenever we can!

As a reminder, here's the layout of the basement.  (The photo above is looking toward the bedroom - which is the bottom left in this blueprint.)

There have been 2 changes during construction. 

First, the bedroom wall was placed at an angle, in order to maximize the transition between the two large living areas. (You can see this in the photo at the top of this post.)

Secondly, the drink ledge/bar seating area, which is designed to fit directly behind the sofa, was pushed back about 3 feet, to the opposite side of the window. 

This will expand the size of the TV area - and the area it takes space away from doesn't really have a major purpose, anyway. 

More importantly for AAAD purposes, we now have CAT-6 wire running from the living room home theater upstairs, and the home office upstairs, directly to the storage area. (That's in the bottom right of our blueprint.) 

The storage area will also be our server room. It will house an ethernet switch, along with a Mac Mini which will act as our Plex server and will house our entire Photos and iTunes libraries.

Ultimately, we'll have at least 2 Apple TVs receiving Plex content over ethernet - one in the living room, one in the downstairs TV area.

The house is really coming together, and I think we've sufficiently future-proofed it for HomeKit and media distribution. Stay tuned....


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