Siri, the Apple Watch, and Apple Music

Hey, AAAD! Sorry for the lack of updates this week - hopefully that massive Mac Mini post gave you enough reading to tide you over. 

Great Apple Moment this AM - I was driving to work, and inadvertently held the Digital Crown down on my watch for a moment. 
As Watch owners know, that calls up Siri.

I've never used Siri on the watch before, but today I said "Play Heroes by David Bowie". 

And a couple of seconds later, it was playing over the car speakers. 

That's a lot of integration that I didn't realize had taken place. 

To recap - the Apple Watch can tell the iPhone in my pocket to fire up Apple Music and start streaming a particular song over Bluetooth to my car radio. 

And it works for, basically, every song ever written. 

I'm curious to see if this works with the AppleTV at home - and of course, VERY interested to see if I can get Siri working with Sonos

It's really shocking - and exciting - how far we've come in terms of technology and integration in the last 5-6 years. 

In the next 5 years, I'm hopeful that we'll see these advances apply to home automation - HomeKit is the one Apple platform that I'm most excited about, and Apple seems to be absolutely ambivalent about it.

But for today - yeah, that Watch trick was pretty cool. I'll take it. 


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