One Week Until the Apple Keynote!

It's that time of year again!

If you're like me, you're counting the days until the next Apple Keynote. And most likely, you're avoiding any Apple purchases until 3/21.

That's the great Apple paradox. They need to keep up their regular schedule of keynote addresses and product launches in order to appear "cutting edge", and frankly, "special" as a company.

However, I imagine that as soon as a keynote is announced, sales plummet across the board.

Who is going to buy an Apple product which may be declared obsolete in less than a month?

So What's On Deck?

According to rumor sites, we're going to see Apple introduce a new, smaller iPhone (to be called the iPhone SE - I see Apple took our advice and dropped the "5" part!)

We'll also, most likely, see a 9.7" iPad Pro, and demos of the new iterations of tvOS, WatchOS, and iOS.

Speaking for myself - I'm very interested in a new Apple Watch band.

My midnight blue Sport band is fine, but I'd like something a bit dressier.

I have a "matte gold" Apple Watch Sport, so I need a band with a "flush" connector to avoid a mismatched gold/silver contrast with the band.

So far, I've been leaning toward the black Leather Loop. But the rumored NATO nylon bands may be cheaper, will definitely be newer, and could be substantially more fashionable.

So, I wait.

What About that Mac Mini Server?

I found exactly the Mac Mini that I've been hoping for on Craigslist - it's a bit of a drive for me, but it's worth it.

This is a late-2012 model (6th generation, although non-quad-core) with upgradeable RAM.

It would be good enough to work as our home server, and while an external Thunderbolt NAS may be required moving forward,

Hoping that the seller responds to my email today... I'd leave work early to pick this one up.


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