More Projects! More Updates!

Wow, time flies! Sorry for the delay between posts.

I'll have a more Apple-Centric post up ASAP, but in the interest of letting people know that AAAD still exists, here's a quick rundown of our current projects:

Wired Internet

This one has changed a bit over the years. We aren't interested in getting ALL of our connected devices off of wi-fi.

Our primary concern at this point is to ensure that our TVs are hard-wired via Ethernet, so that they are able to run streaming video over AppleTV.

We accomplished that during our basement remodel.

We now have CAT5e wire running from the basement storage room to the router in our home office, and to the TVs in the basement and the living room home theater.

We'll need to add 3 items to our basement storage room - a Mac Mini Server, an Ethernet Switch, and a power supply.

That should be accomplished this week.

Home Theater

This one was obviously finished some time ago.

But, time marches on, and it's time for an all-around upgrade.

We'll be changing the primary TV in the living room to a 65" Sony Bravia 4K.

The 55" Sony Bravia that is currently in the living room will be demoted to the master bedroom, and the LG in the master bedroom will be demoted to the basement "living room" area.

All of the kids' video game systems will be moved to the basement - which will give the existing components some room to breathe.

The 4K upgrade upstairs may require us to add some

Basement Remodel

Painting starts tomorrow, with priming the entire level. And we're not doing it.

Ultimately, we decided to farm this job out, just to get it finished.

(Who knew that having a 1-year-old running around would diminish our capacity to paint the basement?)

Once the walls are primed, it should be a lot less dusty down there, and we'll be able to start moving furniture to the "living room" area.

The finish work will take place over the rest of this spring.

Some major decisions to make - bathroom fixtures & beverage refrigerators at the top of that list.

New Projects?

You may remember our dining room faux wainscoting project.

Given the prominence of our main staircase, we'd like to incorporate some of the same techniques, and add some millwork and contrast.

First and foremost, this will involve changing out the "turned-style" newels and spindles/balusters for squared off box newels and balusters - matching the craftsman style of our home.

Secondly, we'll be painting the "face" or "riser" on each stair white.

Finally, we'll be adding millwork to the wall opposite the railing. This will likely be very similar to the faux wainscoting in the dining room.


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