Spring Updates

We're moving into Basement Phase 2!

That means we'll be taking the space from a roughed-in, usable-but-spartan basement, to a fully-finished living space.

The initial payments are made, and our doors are in the process of being manufactured.

Honestly, we're just ready to be done with this project - time to put it away, even if that means less DIY and more contractors.

The main question from this point - what can we potentially do ourselves to save money, and what specific projects are we likely to successfully complete in short order?


I'm very much in favor of taking on the painting ourselves. But I don't think it will happen.

The pros will charge a couple thousand to paint the walls, ceiling and trim.

I know that I'm capable of painting a fully-primed drywall basement gray. (Actually, "greige".) But I'm a bit worried that I'll never, ever finish it.


We're going with Floor & Decor's Nucore product.

It's a "luxury vinyl" laminate - textured, and waterproof.

It really has a good "wood" look. It should be warmer than wood-look tiles, and should wear better than carpet.

It's also (allegedly) simple to install for DIYers.

Given that we'll be $2500 into the floor material, I'd like to save the $2200 it will take to install.

We'll get started with this project immediately.


This one will go last, and may actually be a "Phase 3" project. We are going to be adding a beverage refrigerator, along with a floor cabinet on either side.

The whole thing will be topped off by a countertop of a material to be determined.

We'll also be adding some type of upper cabinet, which will incorporate some additional wine storage.

The entire dry-bar area needs to be designed - but once that happens, it's reasonably quick work to install ourselves.


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