My iPhone 6 Leather Case Has Grown Warts

This is a weird post to write.

Because I really like the iPhone Leather Case.

But these days, I can barely stand touching it. I'm actively repulsed by it.

A few weeks ago, we were caught in a giant rainstorm.

While we were completely drenched, I managed to keep my iPhones dry - for the most part.

One of them got a bit wet. The phone wasn't affected - it only got hit by raindrops.

But the case.... changed.

The smooth leather got.... bumpy.

But only in certain places. The bumps appeared in the locations that my hand typically touches - maybe the water, plus oils from my skin, caused the problem?
It feels like a warty mess.

In any case, the bumps are troubling. Because, subconsciously, they look like a disease.

They look biological.

Like a pox, or like warts.

The effectiveness of the case is not compromised. I'm not going to rush out and buy a new iPhone case because my first one got wet.

But still, every time I pick up my iPhone, I'm just a LITTLE bit grossed out.

Look at the photo at the top - see the little ring of smallpox bumps around the lower half of the Apple logo?


So, I'm going to see what can be done here.

A few years ago, we got a bunch of white heat spots on our kitchen table.

You know what gets those out of wood?

MORE heat, and more moisture.

I got our iron pumping out steam, and ironed the table.

And just like that - the white spots were gone.

I'm hoping this is a similar situation - moisture got trapped in the leather.

Either way, what I'm saying is, I'm ironing this thing.

And if that doesn't work, I'm getting a silicone case - and getting an iPhone 7 in the fall.  


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