Summer Updates - Staying Connected

We're still here - sorry for the lack of updates, but there hasn't been a whole lot going on in the world of AAPL or AAAD.

We're almost-but-not-quite finished with our basement renovation, so I haven't been able to pull the trigger on the final "Going Underground" update, either.

When it comes to the basement, we're finished - except for the cabinets and countertops for the bar and drink ledge.

And, of course, furniture.

At the moment, our new bedroom has one piece of furniture, and that's our foosball table.

The sectional sofa will be arriving in short order - that's the primary "missing piece" that will turn the basement from "kids videogame explosion" into "usable space for grown-ups".

We're also re-thinking all of our bundled home services.

Our internet is currently with WOW - but the price just moved from $50 to $75/month, for what is supposed to be 60 Mbps, but which almost never reaches that level.

That's troubling, to me.... because WOW's advertised rate for their 60 Mbps level of service is $54.99 - $40 on contract.

I gave them a call, and asked why I was still paying $75, especially given that I'm not under any contract..

They said the new rates were for new customers, but they were able to match that price for me - it will be $54,99 for another 12 months. That's acceptable - but still on the high end, and not ALL that much bandwidth.

At the same time, we're approaching the end of our DirecTV contract, too - and it's gotten shockingly expensive.

It may be time to see if we can get some synergy and savings, by bundling TV and internet again. 

Unfortunately, the competition for both is Comcast/Xfinity, and they've been ludicrously bad at getting service to my house.

Our DirecTV contract ends in August, and I'll be running all of the numbers.

I'm also - for the first time in years - giving some thought to ditching Verizon for our mobile plan.

Lots of things to consider. But first, let's get this basement finished.


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