Apple September 2016 Keynote - Finally, HomeKit!

After literally years of waiting, HomeKit got a bit more than lip service today. 

Tim Cook discussed the new Home app as one of iOS 10's key new features. 

Home will provide centralized control for all of our HomeKit-compatible devices.

So far, most of us don't have any of those devices. 

But that will change!

You may remember Craig Federighi introducing HomeKit a lifetime ago. Look at the partners listed behind him.

Not a terrible list - but 2 years later, several of those partners haven't produced a single HomeKit-enabled product. 

Chamberlain stands out as a particularly blatant offender - their MyQ garage door openers have been promising HomeKit compatibility for literally years - and they still haven't delivered, and people are upset

Back in January, Chamberlain reiterated that they were a HomeKit partner, and that they were "reviewing... product plans for HomeKit integration".

Well, they'd better hurry up, because they're still on the list of HomeKit partners shown by Tim Cook today - and look at how the list has grown!

This is what happens when a major platform puts its weight behind home automation - everyone wants to get on board. 

That's such a huge list that it's tough to read!

Enhance. Zoom in. 

Okay, that's exactly the same slide that Apple used in their WWDC deck back in June

I get it, there probably weren't any new partners, and it's silly to scramble them up for no reason. And that's a HUGE list of partners!

(Somewhat ironically, there's no longer any sign of Original Partners Cree, Sylvania, Skybell or Broadcom.)

Now, that list needs to turn into non-vaporware real-life products.  
There are some real-life products on the market right now - of note:

  • Chamberlain/Liftmaster - we have already installed a MyQ system, which is pretty great - and we'll upgrade when HomeKit is included.
  • Lutron - I can't stand the Caseta switches. The minute Lutron creates a single tap switch with HomeKit control, we're buying a Caseta bridge, and our basement and living room will be 100% switched over. 
  • Kuna - We're replacing our exterior front lights anyway. We want a Craftsman bronze look. Given that we're already doing this, why not add a security camera?
  • Ecobee - We've enjoyed our Nest Thermostat. But if Google isn't going to let them play ball, the Nest will be demoted to our rental, and an Ecobee3 will replace it.

    • Hunter - The Signal ceiling fan fits with our current living room decor. Even better - it has a low profile and doesn't have pull-chains that hang down in front of the TV! The Ecobee has separate sensors for multiple rooms, and can tell the ceiling fan to turn on when it gets a bit too hot in one room. Awesome.  
    • Fibaro - we seriously need some water sensors for our brand-new basement. Really, I'm buying the first HomeKit sensor system that comes to market. 

    The Home app - which will be in iOS 10, on September 13 - will be the first major step toward HomeKit consolidating the home automation industry. 

    And yes, there was a lot of other great stuff at today's Keynote. 

    • I'm probably buying an iPhone 7 Plus. That depth-of-field camera is beyond belief. 
    • I wish they'd discussed the Mac... at all. I wonder if a new Mac Mini will ever be introduced, or if they're silently pushing it toward end-of-life. 

    But -- focusing on HomeKit - this was the biggest day for the platform since its original introduction. September 13 will supersede it. I can't wait. 


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