Did Your iOS 10 Update Break Messages? Here's How to Fix

Yesterday was iOS 10 day.

And for several iPhone owners, that led to some problems.

For me, it meant that Messages became unusable, crashing on startup.

It was so bad that checking the settings for Messages would crash Settings!

Now, everything seems to be working fine. Here's how I did it.

I assumed I was going to have to restore the iPhone.
Before going to such extreme lengths, I decided to reset the settings.

It's not a particularly quick process, and you'll have to re-sign-in to all of your services.

BUT, it worked. Here's how.

1. In the Settings app, click on "General". 

2. In the General menu, scroll to the very bottom and click "Reset". 

3. Within the Reset menu, click on "Reset All Settings". 

After several minutes, your iPhone *should* be functioning normally. Mine is.

I backed up my iPhone before attempting this (mostly because my prior backup was several months old), and noticed that we've completely filled the 500GB HD in our 2009 iMac.

Time to get those media libraries moved to a Mac Mini Server and NAS!


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