It's iOS 10 Day - Welcome, HomeKit

As I'm typing this post, it's a little after noon, Central Time, on September 13, and my iPhone 6 is updating to iOS 10.

I could have waited.

I'll be picking up an iPhone 7 Plus on Friday, and that will definitely have iOS 10 installed.

But who can wait for that? iOS 10 means HomeKit.

And HomeKit is the reason AAAD exists. Let's go.

Of course, I don't own many (any?) HomeKit devices.

That's going to change in short order - the Home app is the centralized home automation platform I've been waiting for.

Step One - get some Kuna security houselights installed outdoors.

I'll update this post with initial thoughts about iOS 10. But for now, the idea of moving forward with HomeKit is all that really matters.


Messages is critically broken - or at least it was for me. For the first hour, the app crashed on launch 100% of the time.

I went into Settings/Messages... WHICH CRASHED SETTINGS.

I'm not kidding. Settings crashed.

I restarted Settings and went to Software Update, which is now showing 10.0.1 - up to date.

Then back to Messages, which now launched. But it doesn't seem to be able to receive OR send messages, which is a pretty critical function.

I'll try to re-install tonight from iTunes, while physically connected to the iMac.


Resetting all Settings fixed the problem. A bit of a hassle re-entering all passwords for iCloud and iTunes, and my fingerprints for TouchID, and a half-dozen other settings... but everything seems to be going well.

The new "waterfall" wallpaper is great.

Messages adds a bunch of stuff that, honestly, I'm never going to use. But its primary "look and feel" is much improved.

Mail is now doing email threading, which is pretty great.

The iPhone 6 seems substantially more responsive with iOS 10. My phone had gotten "laggy" for lack of a better term, over the course of the past few months. That is no longer the case.


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