One Week Until the Next Apple Keynote - New Macs!

I've been waiting to pick up a Mac Mini. 

Before I make any decisions, though, I'm waiting a week.

We're definitely going to need a Mac Mini 

It will be our home server, on 24/7, and managing our iTunes and photos. 

Still, I'm a bit skeptical about purchasing a computer that's 2 years old. 

The last Mac Minis were released in 2014. And the 2014 Minis have non-upgradeable soldered RAM, which is kind of an unforgiveable move by Apple. 

So, I've waited. 

And, frankly, I'm probably going to have to KEEP waiting, even after the October 27 keynote. 

Every pundit seems to think that NO new Minis are on the horizon. 

Which seems insane, frankly. 

2 years is a very long time to wait for a spec bump on a computer. 

When the computer in question is completely non-upgradeable BY DESIGN, a 2 year wait is crazy.

Yes, we're going to get a new slate of Macs on October 27. 

There will be new MacBooks, there will probably be new iMacs. But I'm holding out hope that we can get a new Mini - an upgradeable Mini. 

And if not, I'll go ahead and buy a 2014 Mini, with 8 GB of RAM, ideally. Boo. 

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