Apple Keynote - Either Update the Mini, or Kill It.

Mac Mini: 2005-2014?
The Mac Keynote was, as expected, all about the new MacBook Pro.

There was some discussion of the Apple TV "TV" app... but without a live TV service, I kind of fail to see the point.

Most disappointingly, no spec bump for the Mac Mini.

It wasn't even mentioned.

I suppose that I understand. Apple doesn't really care about a computer as simple and boring as the Mac Mini anymore.

They'd much rather sell us the much fancier and more profitable MacBook Pros.

And sure - they're great laptops, with innovative new features!

But if Apple is done with the Mini, they need to say so.

How can Apple, in good conscience, continue to sell 2014-era Mac Minis, multiple years later, at full retail?

If Apple made it known that the Mac Mini is scheduled to be sunsetted - or has already been cancelled - we could plan accordingly.

I'd begrudingly buy an old Mini, secondhand, ideally with specs that could handle home server duties, and I'd move forward.

The status quo - in which Apple enters its THIRD YEAR selling the same non-upgradeable Mac Minis, at full retail price, is not fair to Apple consumers.


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