Apple Watch Sport Gold with Black Leather Loop

Merry Christmas from AAAD!

Last year, I got an Apple Watch Sport. (The gold one, with the blue Sport strap.)

No Apple Watch Series 2 (or even Series 1) for me this year.... I'm going to be sticking with my original Apple Watch Sport for a while. 

That said, the Gold Sport really dresses up nicely with the Apple Black Leather Loop.
I've enjoyed using my Apple Watch over the last year. 

It's not an essential part of my everyday life, but it does what it does very well. 

For me, that means checking notifications, tracking activity, and, you know, telling time. 

During the year, the Watch made a quantum leap forward with WatchOS 3.0 - it's like having an entirely new Apple product. 

It's definitely sporty.
The Apple Watch Sport is designed to be an activity tracker first and foremost, and it looks the part. 

Put another way.... it isn't very dressy. 

I wore it to the office, but took pains NOT to show it off. 

If I was going someplace fancier, I'd leave the Watch off entirely. 

This Christmas, I bought a Leather Loop secondhand on eBay. 

And just like the jump to WatchOS 3.0 - this is a quantum leap forward. 

It looks like a completely different watch. 

The Leather Loop is magnetized like the Milanese Loop - so it's very adjustable. 

Most notably for Watch Sport owners - it connects to the watch "flush", with no visible metal connectors. 

That means that the Leather Loop is probably the most versatile of the official Apple Watch bands. 

It works with any Watch color, with no contrasting metal between the watch and the band. 

Now... is the Leather Loop worth the $150 retail price? No, Probably not. 

That would explain why Apple seems to be discontinuing the Leather Loop... the Apple Store only shows two colors, and only in the 42mm size. 

You can find different colors from various third-party retailers, but really, the secondhand market may soon be the only place to get a Leather Loop. 

And that's a bit of a shame - no other "official" Apple Watch band pairs as nicely with the Sport - which was the Watch's biggest seller. 

So if you own a first-generation Apple Watch Sport, you may want to run out and find a Leather Loop quickly.... or head to eBay before this band becomes impossible to find.  


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