Free AppleTV with 3 months of DirecTV Now! (Or, $105 AppleTV!)

This is a really, really good deal. 

Even if you don't want DirecTV Now. 
AT&T really wants people to try out its new DirecTV Now.

That's a ludicrously good deal. 

Really, you should stop reading this post and give AT&T your $105 before they change their minds. 

OK. What is DirecTV NOW?

DirecTV Now is a cable/satellite TV replacement. 

In short, it is an app that streams live TV over the internet. 

You get as many as 120 channels, with plans starting at $35/month. 

(DirecTV Now competes with Sony Vue, and Dish's SlingTV. I'm subscribing to 2 of them right now, More on that later....)

It works very well - and I'm a big fan of the DirecTV Now onscreen guide. 

For the moment, I'm not sure if it's the BEST streaming-TV service (no CBS, no DVR...) but it's good enough. 

It's certainly worth the $35 per month. We were paying DirecTV $150/month for satellite TV!

Move to a streaming service - and even if it's not as good, you'll save $800 or so over 2017. 

And, you know, you get a $150 Apple device for $0.

Wait. A free AppleTV 4?


(Or, let's look at this the other way around, and say that it's a 3-month free trial for DirecTV Now, if you buy an AppleTV.)  

DirecTV is selling AppleTVs for $105, AND it comes with three months of TV service. 

You can't find an ATV4 for $105 anywhere else. It costs $150. 

I can't think of the last time I saw an Apple product for 33% off. 
Last year's Apple Watch holiday sales, maybe?

Don't You Already Have PS Vue?


And now we also have three months of DirecTV NOW. 

So, for the next three months, the two services will compete for our hearts and minds!

At the moment, Vue has a commanding lead. 

It has a cloud-based DVR, and it has all of the major networks. 

Vue also allows you to log into the various channels' tvOS apps (TV Everywhere), while DirecTV Now only allows app logins for Disney/ABC/ESPN-controlled channels. 

Vue does NOT have Viacom channels, however - and that means no Nick Jr. for our 2 year old, or Comedy Central for us. 

DirecTV DOES have those channels, along with History Channel and A&E - and a few others Vue misses. 

DirecTV Now is promising a cloud DVR in the future.... and Vue is still negotiating with Viacom. 

Neither company requires a contract - so we can evaluate both for 90 days, pick the better option at that point, and change our minds later if we want to. 

But Let's Focus On What Matters

If you're an Apple-centric cord-cutter, you need lots of AppleTVs. 

Today, you can get a free one. You should do that. 


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