Siri Remote Touchpad Problems - Resolved?

Just like that, we seem to have solved the issues with the Siri Remote on our primary AppleTV.

I'm guessing that the problem lay with the AppleTV itself, and not the Siri Remote.

Last week our 64 GB Apple TV suddenly lost the ability to communicate with the Siri Remote.

It received SOME remote input - but the response to button presses was somewhat delayed, and touchpad input was abysmal.

The issues persisted after restarting the AppleTV, and even after power-cycling it once.

I mapped the remote from our Sony TV to the Apple TV, and was prepared to live with no Siri moving forward.

But when I got home from work last night, NEITHER remote worked.

I powercycled the AppleTV again.... and now the Siri Remote connected, and worked perfectly.

This is a frustrating situation. We'll continue to monitor it.

But for now, things are working again.... power-cycling worked.

Other AppleTV Problems

Our AppleTVs have been exhibiting an issue where newly downloaded apps can't be launched until the ATV is restarted.

This is a minor annoyance, as restarts are pretty quick. And it doesn't happen EVERY time.

But it shouldn't be happening at all.


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