2017 Macs -- No News is BAD News, Apple!

Apple has always kept their cards close to their vest. 
Eight years old and still getting it done. 

But this is getting ridiculous. 

The AAAD household has a LOT of Apple devices. But our Macs are getting a bit long in the tooth.
I'd love to upgrade them, across the board. New Mac Mini, new iMac.

But I wait. Because upgrades are surely just around the corner, right?


iMac Paralysis

Our Late-2009 iMac has been the central hub of our Apple home ecosystem since, well, late 2009. 

It's been a great computer. 


It's starting to show its age. 

The 500 GB hard drive is full to bursting. Its processor can't quite keep up with the games the kids want to play.  (Those kids were 3 and negative-6 years old when this computer shipped.) 

Now, the idea that an eight-year-old computer can still keep up with the moderate-to-high-level needs of a mid-size family in 2017 is a testament to how good this computer originally was. 

It also looks great. Aluminum and glass. 

I can't believe that I'm successfully using an eight year old computer - I used to replace my Windows computers all the time

We've already earmarked money to buy a replacement iMac - we can get a retina 27" iMac for (more or less) what we paid for our 2009 21" iMac. We're ready to rock, Apple!


Surely, they're going to announce new iMacs soon. Right?

There hasn't been a new iMac since October of 2015. I wouldn't rush out and buy last-year's iMac model.... let alone a model from 2 years ago. 

So, we wait.

I'll buy a new iMac on Day 1. But I'd rather that day come soon, instead of later. 

Mac Mini Paralysis

I've written on this blog about Mac Minis for YEARS. We desperately want one to act as our home server. 

But there hasn't been a new Mac Mini released by Apple since 2014, and... how can I put this gently.... that computer was an affront to everything that Apple has ever stood for. 

That non-upgradeable 2014 Mac Mini, with its RAM soldered in place, is a non-starter.

The 2012 Mac Mini was great! But it's pushing FIVE YEARS OLD. And, given that it's the last acceptable Mac Mini ever sold by Apple, the secondary market on them is ridiculous. 

And besides, surely, they're going to announce new Mac Minis soon, right?

(Or... maybe not.)

So, we wait. 

This isn't a New Problem

Apple is currently waiting for new Kaby Lake processors - I get it. 

I also understand that - if the next generation of desktops aren't ready yet - Apple doesn't want to announce an upcoming product and kill sales of all existing ones. 

But come on. It's been years. 

With every passing month, the idea of actually BUYING any Mac that's currently for sale gets more and more ridiculous.

We're incredibly happy with our all-Apple-TV cord-cutter lifestyle - and I'll be a Day 1 buyer of the rumored 4K AppleTV. 

But we're eager to move our 2009 iMac and the rest of our Apple ecosystem into the decade of the 2010s.... hopefully before the decade is over!!  


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