Flip This Condo #9 - Finishing Touches


We're approaching the end of our condo renovation project.

I expect that we'll be listed on the market by July 10.

This week, our painter got to work.

Cabinets will be painted white later this week - but the walls are basically finished.

And the place immediately looked brighter.  

This is NOT an easy condo to paint - for 2 reasons.

First, there's a balcony looking down into the living room from the kitchen.

Painting the 2-story wall of windows directly opposite is a tricky proposition.

Tricky for ME. Short work for professional painters.
The second problem with painting this condo is the lack of "stopping points". 

If you start painting the living room, you notice that it shares a wall with the dining room upstairs... and the kitchen, and the hallways, and so on. 

We primarily painted the condo beige, but had some "color splashes" - dark green in the kitchen, and dark blue in the living room.    

Here's a before-and-after on the kitchen and hallway to the master bedroom:

Not an "after", really... more of an "in progress" photo. But you get the idea.

When the cabinets are painted white, the transformation will be complete. 

Carpets will be installed on the lower level next week... and that will be the end of the renovation

(THEN, we can start talking about like-kind exchanges, and start a NEW renovation project!)

Kidding! It will be back to technology soon. I promise. 


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