Flip This Condo #10 - Kitchen Before And After

Well, this is it. All of the projects are complete.

We're meeting with a realtor this evening, and putting the Bucktown condo on the market.

(It's also our 13th wedding anniversary, so it will be fun to be back in the old neighborhood!)

When the AAAD blog started, we were JUST about to move out of this condo.

We lived at 2117 Armitage from 2005 through 2012. It was a great place.

We eventually moved to the suburbs -- not because we had our first child, but because we'd been in the city for 12 years and it seemed like time for a change.

But... I'll admit... we still miss Bucktown.

On the plus side, we've been there a LOT lately.

In the last month, we've had the hardwood floors resurfaced and stained, the baseboards replaced, the walls painted, the cabinets painted, and the carpet replaced.

It really looks like an entirely new house.

Here is the kitchen, 6 weeks ago:

And here it is today:

(No, that isn't just a black-and-white filter on our old photo.)

The hardwood floors were definitely the biggest "bang for the buck", at around $2500 for the entire top floor.

It turned a moderate negative (orangey, dirty, scuffed up floors) into a serious positive.

The cabinets came out very nice - the kitchen is substantially brighter, and feels more modern.

We will continue to make minor repairs and upgrades throughout the house, but for the most part, we are done spending and ready to list.

We were also right on budget. We expected to spend about $10,000, and wound up at $10,520.

(That covered the hardwoods, carpet, painting, baseboards and cabinets. We had some repair work to do on the shower and exterior concrete, which pushed the overall expense to $12,060.)

Honestly, the house looks better than it did the day we moved in, 12 years ago.

I think that our renovation efforts will be appreciated by the eventual buyers... Bucktown has only gotten better and better since we left, and this house is going to make someone happy.

I'm sure I'll have a few more posts about 2117 W. Armitage #1 -- but this is the end of the "Flip This Condo" series.

Future "real estate" posts will focus on creating a home-specific website (coming soon to 2117Armitage.com!), and

And who knows, maybe someday Apple will release a new Mac and we can talk about that!


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