Flip This Condo - This is It.

Finally. FINALLY.

After 6 weeks of renovation, followed by a week and a half of late nights working our way through a punch list, 2117 West Armitage #1 is ready to hit the market.

Official photos will be taken this afternoon.

We'll be on the MLS on Monday, July 21 - admittedly, 11 days later than I'd hoped.

But it was a great project.

We spent a ton of time - and a decent amount of money - getting this home to look as good as it possibly could.

It's a real sense of accomplishment.

(If I could do it over again, I'd probably spend a bit more money and a bit less time on DIY projects.)

Over the last six weeks, we fell back in love with city living.... and then came to realize that we probably belong in the suburbs.

Bucktown has only improved during the 5 years we've been away.

Ms. AAAD and I spent our anniversary in the old neighborhood, with champagne at the house, and walking to dinner at Le Bouchon.

It's easy to remember why we fell in love with Bucktown. I'm sure we'll be back more often.

But it's time for someone else to make some memories at 2117.

I'll add the official listing photos (along with some "before" shots) soon.

UPDATE: Some photo evidence.

BEFORE: The front door was faded, and the knocker was corroded.
We lucked into a $9 "returned" can of brown metal paint - and Barkeepers Friend shined up the knocker.

Painting this balcony railing was, easily, the hardest part of the entire project. I should have hired it out.

The kitchen.... "After". 

The living room - directly underneath the balcony railing I painted. 


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