Which Case Works Best With A Gold iPhone XS?

If you're upgrading to an iPhone XS, you're probably considering the exclusive "gold" version.

After all, it's the only phone that announces that it's the latest and greatest. 

BUT... if you're going to the trouble to get a golden iPhone, do you want to cover it up in a case? Which one?

I've always been a "Space Gray" guy... I've had a black iPhone 3G, 4, 5, 6, and 8. 

This time around, I wanted to go with a little more flair. 

The Gold XS is still a black iPhone, it just has a (beautiful) golden border around the perimeter, and a (generally OK) kind of champagne glass back. 

I found myself in the Apple Store with my new Gold XS in hand, absolutely unsure of which case to get. I didn't want to cover up the gold edges, but I also didn't care if the "gold-ish" glass back was visible.... so I wasn't going for a clear case.

Here's a little secret about X-series iPhones... it doesn't really matter which color you get. The front of the phone is going to be 100% black.

Now, I LOVE the first-party Apple silicone iPhone cases. They wear better than Apple's Leather Case, they deal with water better, and to me, they have better grip. 

They're also cheaper. 

BUT, they're going to cover up everything that makes the Gold iPhone XS distinctive, right?

Well, not quite. I went with a black Silicone Case for my Gold XS, and I think it's exactly the right look. 

Basically, it plays as a black iPhone, with beautiful gold accents - like an expensive custom job.

The best part is the golden border around the camera. It looks like a luxe accent, delineating the boundary between the black case and the black camera. 

The bottom speaker grille is completely exposed, which shows off about 2 inches of gold. And the mute switch is also exposed, providing one final splash of color.

Obviously, iPhone cases are a matter of personal taste. And it was noted that my iPhone does kinda look like Trump Tower now, which, again, your mileage may vary.

But for me, the Gold iPhone XS with a Black Silicone Case was exactly the right look.

(It's a pretty great iPhone, too. But you already knew that.)


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