Review - EGO Steel-Deck Self-Propelled Electric Lawn Mower


I'll get the "review" part out of the way immediately - the EGO steel-deck mower is the best lawn mower I've ever owned, by a long shot. 

There isn't any competition, really. Certainly not from gas-powered mowers, not from EGO's electrified competition, and not from EGO's plastic-deck mowers, either. 

We initially wanted to buy the newest and flashiest EGO mower - the Power+ Select Cut mower. That one has 2 blades, and apparently is their most advanced, top-of-the-line mower. 

Home Depot could not get us one that wasn't damaged. (They also didn't have them in-store, so each mower had to be special-ordered.)

The first mower we bought from them had a smashed-in back end.... the little "legs" that the mower stands up on when it's being stored vertically. 

The second had bigger issues - a completely cracked housing. (For what it's worth, the box was absolutely destroyed... this looked like supply-chain "dropped from a great height/ran over with a forklift" kind of damage.) 

So we cut to the chase and ordered the steel-deck version. It is INCREDIBLE. 

Battery Life

The first question we'd get about this mower was whether the battery lasted long enough to finish the entire yard. 

For us, it's an easy answer - we have a small-ish yard, and I've successfully mowed it THREE times on one charge. 

We have 2 7.5 Ah batteries, which are (or were) the largest capacity EGO sold. We needed those batteries for our EGO snow blower (also great!). 

But the mower only needs one battery - and that battery will provide similar mowing time to a tank of gasoline. It's that good. 


If I can offer one criticism of the EGO steel-deck mower, it's that the self-propelled aspect is a little bit lacking. There's a brief lag between when you grip the throttle and when the wheels begin to turn. 

You can change the speed by moving a separate lever - but the throttle is either “on” or “off”, rather than varying by how hard you’re pressing the throttle. 

I almost never use the self-propulsion. It's a push mower. It's nice to have, but it's often simpler just to push the mower. If you truly need a self-propelled mower, it gets the job done adequately.

Just be aware that there are better self-propelled mechanisms, such as hydraulic systems that offer "analog" style acceleration depending on how hard you pull the accelerator, or even 2-speed systems that offer some level of differentiation. 

This is one speed, that's kind of slow-ish. Use it when going uphill and you'll be fine. 

The main selling points of the mower - it is extremely quiet, and it cuts grass exceptionally well.  

You can mow your yard on a weekend morning, and it's about as loud as a vacuum cleaner. 

It's powerful enough to cut through thick grass. 

It's well-built enough to withstand running over the occasional tree-branch. 

Bottom line:

This mower is so good that it makes gas-powered lawn mowers seem silly and antiquated. 

When your mower eventually dies - and it will - go with an electrified version. And if you're choosing from among a group of electric mowers, the EGO steel-deck is, in our opinion, the best we've seen.


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