Replacing an iMac Hard Drive with an SSD

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Back in the early days of AAAD, our late-2009 iMac was the center of our connected home. It held all of our photos, our iTunes library, and our documents. 

We replaced the late-2009 iMac with a 27" retina iMac a few years ago. My dad took the old iMac and used it in his office. 

Last week, he let me know that the iMac was having issues, and that he'd bring it to me to check it out.

It would only boot to the White Screen of Death.

No Apple logo, no cursor, no pinwheel... not even a bomb icon. 

I'd never repaired an iMac before. Was it worth trying to fix this one?

Six Months with the August Lock Pro (Review)

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Image result for august lock pro black"We've been in our new house for six months, and in some ways, it feels as though we just moved in.

In terms of AAAD projects.... it's been even slower going.

The house came fitted with an August Lock Pro, which has been a bit of a godsend in some ways... and has been a source of conflict in others.

New house - let's start this all over again.

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We recently moved into a new house in the same Chicago suburb.

This means starting all over again with HomeKit - and it also means trying to retroactively figure out the existing tech systems in the new place.

August Door Lock? Up and working.

Ring Video Doorbell? Seems to be dead.

Ethernet? ...Maybe? There's an "Open House" box in the basement with a lot of CAT-5 coming together at a switch.

We're still trying to unpack, and most of the remaining items on the to-do list are my tech items. I'll try to post any insights we may gain here as we move forward.

Which Case Works Best With A Gold iPhone XS?

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If you're upgrading to an iPhone XS, you're probably considering the exclusive "gold" version.

After all, it's the only phone that announces that it's the latest and greatest. 

BUT... if you're going to the trouble to get a golden iPhone, do you want to cover it up in a case? Which one?

REVIEW: Eero Mesh Wifi

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All good things come to an end.

And while we've owned (and loved) almost every Apple Airport product, the line has been discontinued.

And it was becoming clear we'd been left behind.

FINALLY. A Mac Mini You Can Buy.

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Apple announced a new Mac Mini today!

It's been four years since Apple last updated the Mac Mini, and a full six years since they introduced a Mac Mini worth owning. 

The 2012 Mini was the last to have user-upgradable RAM, or quad-core configurations. UNTIL TODAY.